Edwin Rapozo III was raised in Honoka’a, Hawaii since 1970. After getting married to Sandy Mochida, who was born and raised in Honoka’a, they decided to move back to the community from Mililani. They wanted to be near their families and give back to the Big Island since it provided such a great place to grow up. 

Edwin’s parent, Edwin Jr. is the former Captain of Police for the Hamakua District and Faith has been a Special Education Assistant for over 25 years at Waimea Elementary.

Sandy’s parents, Ronald, who recently passed away in 2010 was an instrumental part of the community & was devoted to improving it. Her mom, Winnie still lives in Honoka’a and is a retired Health Aid of Honoka’a High & Elementary.

As the sole proprietor of “HAMAKUA LIVING, a general store” & being from the community, Edwin wanted to bring back “the small general store” feeling back to provide products and service that are both of quality & affordable prices. The store carry’s a variety of favorites from hot dogs with special sauces & toppings (homemade chili & kim-chee), local seeds, dried fruit’s, seafood (including dried Abalone)  gummies and all your pupu needs (pickled onion, kimchee, dried clams, namasu, etc).

  • Homemade lunch specials are also available starting at only $4.00 for mini and $5.00 for regular plates. Check out our daily signs posted as well as our website for our current weekly specials.  Menu's available in store. Laulau and Pastele plate for only $7.00 and also taking orders for the best Laulau 5 for $20.00
  • Our deli style sandwiches are refreshing. 
  • You have to try the “creamy” ice cakes available in strawberry, orange and pineapple, as it will remind you of Tanaka Fountain guri guri….yummy!
  • Other things available are unique handmade local items by Deb's Crafts, including Hanafuda designs, rings, gift bags & bookmarks. Handmade crocheted items, beanies, towels, pot holders & luggage tags.  We have jewelry handmade from Kreations by Kawai
  • Make your own gift baskets for all occasions for family, friends as well as omiyage items to take on your travels.

One of their main focuses is to provide a fundraising snack pack that are easy to sell and affordable. They have a variety of snack packs, which include several local snack items, gummi’s, li-hing mango & cuttlefish. Contact them to find the right snack pack to meet your needs. It includes the packing and printing of personalized labels for your cause.

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